Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving, Canadian style

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving Monday.  I know, it's weeks earlier in Canada than in the U.S., which I always find interesting because the areas settled first on each side of today's border don't seem that far apart, in terms of harvest schedule.  Still: I'm glad not to have to wait till November for pumpkin pie and a day off.

Owing to a certain gloomy overcast quality in the sky today - can you say, Bleah! - I've been tucked up inside with an audiobook version of Pearl S. Buck's 'Peony'... a peaceful listen, even though there is something momentous happening in pretty much every paragraph.  Even a scrap of internal thought pushes each character into some new position.  I suppose it's because in the broadest terms, the story covers the political machinations of who a handsome young man will marry, and that boils down to a pretty simple, familiar tale. 

Yep, who to marry is one of those everyday dramas you see unfolding around you and in books and on TV time and again, much like the regular hunt for a really good pumpkin pie.

Last year, I think we bought three or four different ones looking for something that would taste remotely like the one I grew up with (each one was an epic fail), because I didn't have time to make one myself.  This year, I bought the relevant cans and spices early, determined not to have that happen again, until on Friday evening I realized my holiday weekend knitfest was going to be interrupted a lot by food preparation.

So... Pete picked up a single pie for me at my favourite bakery, and I gratefully deemed it acceptable.  I'll make the 'real' pie some other weekend because hey, we should always be giving thanks, right?

It's good to have a really lazy day off and I've been guarding mine today with some effort.  It seems as though there are always so many things to do, and the current never slows.  Have you noticed that in your own life?  There are so many things I want to knit, so many words I want to write down, so much I want to organize now to save time for fun things later, or at least, to drop-kick the stress that would result from not doing any organization at all.  And on top of all that, I would absolutely love the luxury of sleeping for a week, which would prevent any of the rest from happening.

Still: there's always tea to get you over that particular hump isn't there.  And chocolate!

Thank you, Laura Secord.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the week (or end to a weekend) and I'll see you tomorrow, possibly a little the worse for pie and sweets.

p.s. Yes, those are new Vesper socks I'm starting on - the current emergency ones got too close to done to stay on in my bag.  so exciting!


Unknown said...

Where's the whip cream, or cool whip? I love warm pumpkin pie with a cool, creamy topping.

I may just have to have mine early. I'm in Pumpkin Center, Oklahoma, lol. Thanksgiving is still on it's way for us.

Mary Keenan said...

Forgot to buy any till the stores were all closed ;^)