Friday, October 17, 2014

The gift knitting panic list

Okay team: it's October.  Even if your gift knitting isn't tied to a particular date in the festive season, we are still heading into Cold Weather (unless you are in Australia or New Zealand or one of the other summer-ready countries with Hugs readers in it, in which case, Can I come visit?)

Being a sensible sort, I spent some time over the long weekend reviewing and prioritizing my gift knitting plans.  Perhaps it will help you to know the approach I took in this effort.

1. Look at calendar and panic.

2. Compile gift knitting list. This step involves assembling several other lists:
a/ all the projects lying around the house, with a check mark beside the ones that were to be presents
b/ all the yarns earmarked for gift knits
c/ all the patterns or project types under consideration
d/ all the people for whom presents should be prepared, with check marks beside the ones who are knit-worthy AND knit-receptive (the two do not always coincide)
and then:
cross referencing all the lists for one master gift knitting list.

3. Add up the gift knits.  In my case, it's 15.  Of which six are pairs of (sport or DK weight) socks, and three are to be a type of scarf for which I have not yet chosen a pattern.  I expect to have to make one up, in fact, and if it comes to that, I will do it soon so I can share it here because: Knitterhood.  We are all in this together!

4. Panic more.

5. Return to calendar and count out the number of days left till specific gifts must be given or mailed, to aid in prioritization.

6. Return to list and estimate the number of hours required to make each one.

7. Return to calendar and estimate how many hours will be available in reality, as opposed to the dreamworld in which I usually calculate gift knitting plans.

8. Ensure that the number produced in 7 is greater than that in 6 so that no manipulation of time/space continuum is required.

9. Practise deep breathing, regardless of result.

10.  Start knitting (with perhaps a short pause to eat chocolate first.)

Good luck! and I'll see you Monday.

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