Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Matching up some handspun twins

Do you remember that I was working on a second pair of handspun Ferryboat Mitts last spring?  Well, as the weather got cooler again I finished one half of them, and it's a beautiful half if I do say so myself.

I love the brown cuff and the way the blue stripes hit at regular intervals later on.  I still need to do the thumb of course, but I think it's a beautiful piece of knitting.  If only I could stop there, but no.

Time to cast on the second mitt! and you know that one never, ever looks the same as the first, when you're working with randomly striped handspun yarn. 

I tried very hard not to care so much as I did with the orginal pair of these.  Caring meant constantly snipping off huge sections of colour to feed in something more appropriate in time for the next stripe, and this time the colour shifts in the cake weren't pronounced enough to make a difference.  Also, I would be happy simply to have the pair done.

I wasn't entirely successful - I did do a lot of snipping and adjusting - but I think the pair might look quite nice in the end.  From the knuckles onward, the stripes almost line up, and the non-matching part at the wrist might well end up hidden under a sleeve.

For now though, I am happy.  And so are the mitts!

Now to do the thumbs, and run in a million ends, and then I will be able to set aside another gift knit.

Hope you're getting some stuff accomplished that frees you up for fun... see you tomorrow!


darlene said...

Mary, you are just way to OCD for me. I let the stripes fall where they may on my socks. I don't like to run in ends.

Mary Keenan said...

Darlene, does it really show? ;^)