Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Christmas knit is a problem

Hello, troublemaking gift cowl, looking all innocent in your sun patch:

This thing has been giving me grief since I started spinning the fiber.  It's beautiful fiber, by the way, merino and silk, and I got it on sale from Twisted Fiber Art, feeling especially pleased with myself because Mon Petit Chou was a colourway I'd admired.  But when I got to spinning it I felt differently.  I didn't love the colour combination as much as I had, and I resisted working on it.  Plying it wasn't any more exciting and good heavens, was caking it ever a chore.

Then it came time to allocate yarns to the people for whom I might want to knit cowls and oh dear.  I didn't think there was anybody who would want green and purple when there were so many other combinations on offer from my freshly refilled handspun basket.

I was actually pretty proud of myself when I picked this yarn to knit next, even though I thought I would never be able to justify giving it away.  It's important to have faith in your yarn, after all.  But folks, I did not know what trouble was till I really got going on the pattern.

See, I started to kind of like it.  Too much, if you know what I mean.

How does that happen, anyway?  Why is it that sometimes you just get so overcome by love for a particular knit that you want to keep it, even though you know you need to give it away?  Never mind that you didn't love the yarn till it got to work.  More importantly, how to you fight the temptation?

I'll tell you one thing: it isn't by casting on a matching hat.

Hope your day offers a clearer path, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Darlene said...

Mary, I simply love that color combination and would love a cowl like that. Keep on knitting.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh thanks so much for this Darlene... I am feeling panicked now that I'm making the cowls too narrow and too short for The Current Mode... though for our Toronto winters, they are probably perfect. You know, close the face, not so long as to make little nose icicles from your breath ;^)