Thursday, October 23, 2014

First gift socks: complete!

Dare we mark the calendar with the exciting news that this winter's first gift knit is done?

Probably not, because I have to knit another pair the same size, and the first ones took me ages as it was.

I've left the row-marker pins in for the first pair, because they'll tell me how long to knit the feet for the next one.  Decisions like that can really slow me down, I find.

I bought quite a lot of this Twisted Fiber Art club yarn when I had the chance - it's called Downton - and I love how it looks knit up, but the stripes don't quite match up at the toe.

Thank goodness for shoes.

It's funny though because the socks were so perfectly matched when I started them.  In fact, if you look at them from the right angle, you can't even tell where they went wrong.

From a different perspective though, you can see the trouble started at the ankle - the grey ran a little long on the bottom sock, and then the blue a little after it. 

Still: gorgeous socks! and sure to be a hit when I hand them over.  Now to finish the next pair, and the three or four after that...

(gotta earn Boxing Day somehow, right?)


Leah ;0) said...

Beautiful color! Great job on the socks, and definitely congrats on an early start on the gift knitting!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Leah! having a little trouble keeping on with gift knits today but trying valiantly ;^)