Monday, April 26, 2010

Blueys, meet disaster

I'm still not finished the Big Project (there's some late trim to add), but while it was drying I snuck off and spent some time with the Bluey twins and made a lot of headway.

Aren't they gorgeous? That blue - all those subtle shade shifts of it - and yes, I did mess up the odd twisted stitch, but still, so pretty and encircley and opposite in wave shapings. And

are you noticing this???

are you taking another look????

(hint: the left sock. seriously.)

When did I set up for the heels on these things - two months ago? All this time and I didn't notice I'd set both up to be the right sock, for the simple reason that I was so proud of myself for following the left and right sock charts for the wave pattern.


I swear, the more socks I knit the more I despair of ever getting a pair right. I decided not to rip these out though. They fit and they are comfortable and they can be fraternal twins and I will still love them. I think I'm going back to a super basic sock recipe next time, though.

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Karen said...

Ah, don't give up -- if this is the worst mistake you ever make, you're doing just fine! Plus, you'll be the only one who knows it's a problem.