Monday, April 12, 2010


For most of the time I've been working away on Big Project Small Needles, I've had a carrot dangling in front of me: yarn and a dream pattern for a sweater I get to keep.


Yesterday, to celebrate reaching a Big Milestone in the Big Project, I swatched for the carrot recipe and guess what?

I'm going to need exactly the same size needles as I'm using for Kathi's sweater.

That's right.

To reward myself for finishing the biggest project on the smallest needles I have ever done in combination, I have lined up another Big Project Small Needles. And this time it's straight garter stitch, with no unfolding colourwork to lure me into the next row.


Still... straight garter stitch with no colour changes: I can knit it while walking or sitting in the dark, so maybe it will go almost as fast as Kathi's did?


heklica said...

That colour is irresistibly beautiful!

Mary Keenan said...

... and it's got little blue flecks in it - this cardi will be gorgeous with jeans!