Friday, April 23, 2010

Simply knitting

I treated myself to the spring issue of Knit Simple last night, after spending a lot of time in my car doing things like backing repeatedly into a curb during a series of disastrous parallel parks.

This is just a nice magazine, don't you find? And - this is rare for me because I get so caught up in working out my own designs - I think I might knit some of these patterns instead of just enjoying looking at them.

I could really use a little something like this, for example. Not for summer probably, but in cooler weather to throw over a long sleeved T like a bright little vest.

This cardi though - I would totally use this in summer. Bit late to knit it for this year, but for next? Perfect.

And check out these hearts. I am particularly fond of #11 by Marni Faris, the one with the stickie-outie ruffle, which is giving me ideas. Oh dear. Just when I wanted to knit other people's patterns!


heklica said...

Last year I seized an opportunity to buy two copies of it here, which really was a rare treat as we don't usually get any American knitting magazines. And I loved it!

I like the blue cardi a lot, I'm sure you'd wear it a lot. I know I would :)

Kathleen Taylor said...

Given that you knit up Big Project LIttle Needles in less than a month, you sure could whip that little short-sleeved cardi up in no time... go for it...

p.s. I don't even try to parallel park