Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My friend Trish and I have been plotting about knitting magazines.

Specifically, knitting magazine subscriptions, as in: let's accept our addiction and save money for yarn by starting some.

For example, Interweave Knits? Totally need that turning up in the mail every season. Here are some other contenders:

Vogue Knitting

Knitter's Magazine


Debbie Bliss


Cloth Paper Scissors
(okay, this isn't a knitting magazine, but it's so cool)

Piecework Magazine

Yarn Forward

Verena Knitting

What am I forgetting here? I hope nothing, because choosing one or two out of all that would be tough. And I for one have negative space available for magazines, much as I want them anyway. (it's true isn't it, that you can stack them into end tables and nightstands?)

While I'm at it, can I mention the gorgeousness that comes out of Classic Elite Yarns headquarters? No subscription required.


Anonymous said...

Creative Knitting, simple styles that are easy to personalize.

Usually I find something to add to my 'to do' list that is wearable with just a little of me added in, as opposed to Vogue that has the "'wow' but would I be seen in public wearing that?" patterns.

Mary Keenan said...

Ha! I knew there was one I'd missed - and yes, I've bought that a few times and liked it. Thanks for the reminder!