Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seaweed never looked so good

I've been wanting to treat myself to a seacell/silk blend for a loooong time, and guess what was in this morning's sock club pouch from Biscotte & Cie?

It's been saying 'shawl' to me since I first peeped into the pouch, so imagine my delight: the pattern that goes with it is a perfectly gorgeous long summer scarf.

Honestly, Louise puts so much thought and planning into her club! What a lift to start each of three months with such a nice surprise - no (April) fooling.


Karen said...

...or shawl. Sorry, I misread!

Karen said...

I wore my SeaSilk Clapotis the other day, and was marvelling at how drapey and lovely the fibre is. I don't see it as a sock yarn, but yes, definitely, do make a scarf.

heklica said...

Oh, I just love blue-green combinations! Let us know which pattern you chose :)