Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jump around jump around jump around

You know what I really like about Soak wash? The way you can put your socks into a tub of it and then sit down for 15 minutes to knit and then about 2 hours later walk past said tub and remember you put them there and they're still okay.

* * *

I have been knitting Bluey toes: three times so far. I've decided that my foot is simply not designed for anatomically correct socks, because no matter how long I make the foot, the toe box is just too short. Refrogging to commence shortly, with a fresh toe to follow.

* * *

I bought myself a ball winder. Finally!

It's a Lacis, in part because I was too cheap to spring for the Royal, in part because when Trish very generously loaned me her Royal to prepare for Big Project Small Needles I could never find a table with the right kind of edge to screw it onto (all of mine are curved and impossible) and it kept popping off.

Of course, when I got the Lacis out of the box, I couldn't get the clamp open wide enough for any table at all. Then I tried an old IKEA filing cabinet and, Shazam! a new ball winding layout was born.

Too bad I can't watch TV from here, but - not, because when I get to winding too fast or just not watching generally, the yarn gets into the gears (exposed in the Lacis, sensibly not exposed in the Royal) and then I have to dismantle it all and wriggle the strands out again.

This is sufficiently harrowing to ensure that Trish will not be asking to try out my Lacis. Though she could, because after I finally got it set up on the IKEA cabiniet, the clamp somehow released itself and will now fit all the other tables and presumably hers as well. If I do choose to try another of them, I can at least guarantee it will stay in place... as will the Royal I will be buying as soon as I've pulled out enough hair with this one, because I understand they now have the same kind of clip as this Lacis.

* * *

I really wanted to knit a pair of yoga socks for a silent auction fundraiser in my neighbourhood, to go with the yoga sessions that somebody else donated.

It's on Friday.

I have most of one sock so far, and the taxes (also due Friday, but with a rather more compelling consequence if missed) are still not done, to say nothing of a pressing need for daily driving practise.

So I will make yoga socks for next year's fundraiser instead, I hope, and try to finish the Blueys instead.

* * *

I have decided to accept that I have to use 2.0mm needles for socks so as to have a really tight and comfy-underfoot gauge in spite of my strangely relaxed knitting style. So I have swatched my primary sock yarns to get the number of stitches per inch and made use of Ravelry's advanced pattern search to find sock patterns with said stitch count.

I found three I like enough even to try with my self-stripeys. Is there anything Ravelry can't do?

(yes: drive for me and magically pass my fast-approaching road test.)


Nancy in NJ said...

If you let the yarn ride between your fingers lightly it will not get caught up in the gears - I have a Royal and still do it that way, sometimes companies sneak in a knot or two and its easier to catch them while winding the ball than on stitch 250 of a 265 count shawl :)

Mary Keenan said...

Aha! thank you so much, Nancy!!