Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knitting the blue(y)s

It's official: big project small needles is no longer portable.

So today I brought along my blueys to knit in the coffeeshop, and reflected on just how badly you can muck up a pattern and still have something that looks good.

Well, obviously this isn't a very inspiring picture - it's hard to photograph the start of a gusset when the sock is on three needles! - but I can assure you that even though the river effect on my Kalajoki sock is not exactly true to the chart I was supposed to be following, and even though the other sock is sure to deviate in some way or six from this one, it's still a gorgeous piece of fabric.

A gorgeous and seriously warm piece of fabric. I'm knitting at a tighter gauge than usual and the yarn is heavier than my normal sock choice; given the warmness of this spring, if I don't finish them soon I'm not going to get away with wearing them till next fall. So I'm going to try to finish them soon. You know, in all my free time.

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