Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet Zinzaabub and Scribbles

Some small friends named the new chicks I knit last week with a pattern from Cheezombie:

That's Scribbles there on the left, and Zinzaabub on the right.

It took me a little over three hours to knit each of them, plus eye-embroidery time. It's really, really hard to embroider two eyes and make them look the same, at least for me. Total project time, including most of one extra chick in the wrong needle size: 9.5 hours.

The pattern is very neatly designed, with no sewing. Technically, you could embellish the wings, but the shaping creates enough of wing effect that you can do without that extra step if you run out of time or panic about much you haven't worked on a Big Project with a Hard Deadline. And what's not to love about those tails?

Plus, they look so cute perched.

If I knit more chicks, I'll do them in wool - I prefer yarn with some give, which cotton does not have, and I'm noticing now too that in spite of all the time I spent running in ends there is a short string sticking out of Zinzaabub's right leg and another on Scribbles' beak. Cotton fibres don't grab on and keep hold, you know?

But the chicks do. I was panicking trying to get their eyes on faster than they were taking on personalities. I just love them.

And I think they love each other, too!

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Knits For Needs said...

Too cute! I love to knit cute little animals too :)