Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Man socks

Tom - the friend who delivers all my Canada Post parcels - dropped by this week with a little box of vintage dishes and a squishy envelope from Biscotte & Cie with yarn in it.

I ordered this deliciousness - Felix, mostly merino wool with a little nylon - to make a Christmas present for the only guy on my list who is remotely open to handknit socks, unless you count Bob, whom I met at about 6 months of age (me; he was just new) and am still best friends with. I don't exchange Christmas presents with him these days but he would totally love socks I made him... possibly not for his August birthday though, because what are the odds of my being ready in time for that?

Okay, now I want to knit socks for Bob too. I am a glutton for punishment in the form of socks for everybody but myself.

And now back to said Guy Friend. How on earth do I choose? I mean, look at these colours.

Okay, here's how I choose. After all the messed-up patterns I've done lately, I totally need to go with the variegated yarn and knit something super plain and not-mess-up-able that shows it all off.

and then maybe I can knit something with cables for Bob in the denim.

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