Friday, April 9, 2010

In which I revisit an old friend

One thing about Ravelry: once you upload them, you'll never forget your unfinished projects. Especially if you post a really nice picture of them.

My only current unfinished item is the Blueys - aka my Kalajoki socks - and the picture sitting on my Ravelry page is the one you'll see here. Every time I look at that picture I melt a little. And I have not infrequently wished I finished them already so I could be wearing them, because this is prime sock weather we're having right now.

All of which is to say that last night, when I was too tired to knit another stitch of the Big Project, I didn't crawl to bed: I crawled to the sofa with Bluey 1 and Bluey 2.

It was so nice to touch them again. I knit a little on each to reconnect with where I'd left off, and then I knit rather a lot on one, marveling at how many rows you can get done in the time when you're knitting for a foot instead of an arm or a torso.

And then I ripped out all of it when I realized I'd made an error back at the start.

And then I kicked myself when I realized it hadn't been an error after all, but that I'd just put one in.

And then I decided that it doesn't matter because in making the new problem I'd also had the opportunity to fix a different problem that was real and not just my imagination, and the new problem isn't really a dealbreaker.

And then I accepted that I am going to mess up the chart for these socks no matter what I do, but that as long as they fit in the end I can just enjoy working with this yarn.

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