Monday, August 2, 2010

Another knitalong?

Well, after a lot of hard knitting yesterday I was able to finish and block and dry my travel scarf, destined to be a fall freebie:

I bought this Colinette ART yarn last September, lured by the gorgeous colours (plus, I think it cost $10) but then didn't know what to do with just one skein of a variegated wool/bamboo blend. Getting a 50" x 7.5" reversible scarf out of it in less than eight hours seems like a pretty good trade to me.

The stitch itself is a dream - super easy and in a bulky yarn pretty fast to make. I'm eying some other one-off skeins to work up the same way, but I think I might need moral support to get through them, given all the socks I'm supposed to be working on and the spinning I want to do instead.

So - in these last few weeks of summer and consequent car trips or lazy porch sitting - anybody up for a knitalong?

Also: I finally got my blue hat up to the crown.

I've deliberately not photographed the detail on this hat so I can show it off later (or do I mean, make sure it doesn't look too dopey first?) but I will say that once I decided on what worked the best, the hat was super fast and dead easy to make. Another fall freebie for the holiday knitting pile, and a bit more unisex than the scarf.

It took a while to get these easy projects done because I was so obsessed with spinning the 4 ounces of roving left over from a Twisted Fiber Art splurge in the spring of 2009. Spinning and plying, that is:

This picture was taken before I skeined and soaked the plied yarn; it's dry now and ready to be wound back into cakes for some project or other. I have 113g of bulky yummy stuff which is a bit limiting, but not impossible.

Now, in addition to some solid brown and solid white that I want to knit with rather than spin and some alpaca I can't spin on my current heavyweight spindle, I am left with this 3 ounce braid of Fleece Artist roving:

I will either have to buy more roving after it's done or avoid spinning something that's already spun. By which I mean this:

This is the insanely thin laceweight I bought in May. I love the colour and fiber mixture beyond comprehension but I think it might really be too thin for me ever to get around knitting with it. What would happen do you think if I wound the cake into two equal parts and plied them for a shorter heavier yarn? Would I ruin it?

Let me know what you think - I'm going to go back to my hat so as to avoid temptation.

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heklica said...

I'd like to join you for the knitalong but if I knit another scarf, I'm sure my family will have me put in a mental hospital :)