Friday, August 13, 2010

A new knitting tool

So.... on my travels yesterday I went into a store that sells fudge, other assorted candy, and stuffed animals. (you know, the kind of store that pretends to market to kids but is really directed straight at me?) I came out with some fudge, which is gone now, and a cat, which is not:

Yes, I realize this is lame and information I should be keeping very much to myself. But what can I say? It was cute, and it's the kind with insanely soft plush, and it's sort of curved so that it hugs you when you pick it up, and I do not currently live with a real cat and am in no position to acquire one either.

The eyes are a little creepy. I am trying not to look too closely at them.

On the way home from the fudge store, I put Molly (these things name themselves, I take no responsibility) on my knee and got to work with my needles, and she was sort of warm and nice to glance down at since I'd positioned her such a way that her eyes were on my sock, and I thought,


I forgot to bring her along on today's trip and somebody in the car said, Um, where's your cat? which I realized immediately I was also asking myself. It is nice to have a cat on my knee while I knit, even if it is just a stuffed one. So I've decided she's my new knitting tool, and she's going to live in my 'studio' aka the space under and immediately beside the basement stairs - really I have to do a photographic tour of that for you some time because it's quite astonishing what I've been able to cram in there - and be with me while I knit.

But probably not while I spin, because even a stuffed cat isn't likely to put up with all that movement and temptation.

(PS, I finished the heel flap on sock #2 tonight and will be ankles-up on both of them from now on. This must mean the end of them is in sight because Man Socks are beginning to snigger at me about my returning to the fold to finish off their toes.)


heklica said...

:) and now I don't know how I've ever managed to knit without a cat!

Anonymous said...

Stuffed cats are the best kind - they don't play with your needles or yarn while you're knitting, they don't ask to be let out or fed at 6 a.m. and they don't run up huge bills at the vets

Kathleen Taylor said...

and Molly won't decide that your knitting needles are enemy aliens and must be destroyed immediately