Monday, August 9, 2010

My low-fiber diet

I decided the only way I would get my socks and other knitting obligations done is to limit my spinning, so I hit on this plan:

Every day, I get to spin only what I can draft in 30 minutes.

I find it takes about as long again to spin that much, so it's only an hour on spinning instead of the usual three that eat into potential sleep time at night. Also, just like on a food diet, I try to do the spinning before 7pm. Any later, my willpower is impacted and I stay up too late.

So, in spite of a weekend that felt austere, I still got closer to plying the red Fleece Artist stuff:

If I'm nimble, I can probably draft out what's left in the bag in the designated 30 minutes and ply it tonight. Well, if I'm nimble and break my diet just a little.

Of course all this was in aid of moving forward with my variegated socks. I got the second sock set up and about halfway to the heel, and I reknit the first sock's heel and revised my instructions so that they are easy to follow and have correct math and all that nonsense.

Most of all, this means I have a sock I can take anywhere because all I need to do is keep going round and round until I run out of yarn - unless it starts to get very long such that I have to increase to accommodate my calf, which is unlikely.

I seem to be getting a lot of navy pooling around the ankle after a very pale foot, but I'm trying not to be disappointed about that even though navy is the one shade I never wear; I'll just have to think of it as an especially rich blue. And chalk it up to more motivation, as well - getting further along to see what colour pools next!


NessaKnits said...

Good luck with your low fibre diet! Low fibre diets don't work for me! LOL

Kathleen Taylor said...

You're going to save a lot of time when you get comfortable enough with spinning to draft as you spin...