Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I couldn't help myself: I had to knit another mitten last night.

I was so looking forward to being done with blue and heathery white and on to another combination from my vast Patons Classic Wool stash! I even mirror-imaged the top decreases so the mittens would be a perfect pair.

But then I looked closer and - yes. My old stranded knitting problem. I knit with a looser tension the first time, and the second mitt's cuff is about half an inch narrower. Also, I miscounted and started the decreases a row early, and having cut the yarn before establishing this fact I can't really rip back and add the extra row.

That's why today I will be knitting a third blue and white mitt to see if I can't match the tension to one of the first two, and then, verrrry carefully, a fourth to adhere to the one that remains. And after that I'll be knitting the mitts simultaneously - cuffs, then thumb gussets, then hands, then tops - and hoping that solves the tension problem. Think it will?

(and while I'm asking, think I'll ever get my variegated socks done?)

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