Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knitting: it's a lot like parking

When I was practising for my driver's test in April the worst part was backing into a parking space, uphill. I'd be easing down on the gas hoping the steering wheel was just right so I wouldn't hit another car and not. moving. at. all. Not moving, easing down, not moving, easing down, not movi


hoping so much not to have smash.

This is just about exactly what happened with the variegated socks this weekend:

Suddenly, they were long enough. In fact, this one turned out to too long for the width of the sock, and having established that I don't have enough yarn to justify adding stitches for something that stretches around my calf, I had to rip back. Gah! But now suddenly the end is in sight, and there is a remote chance that when I get home from tomorrow's outing they will be finished. Fingers crossed, if only mentally, because as you doubtless know it is difficult to knit with crossed fingers.

Freeing myself from the tyranny of the sock meant I was finally able to finish a mitten that matched the remaining unmatched mitten:

and even revisit the Carrot Cardi.

I can see why I stopped carting it around, sock aside - I have to match the shaping of the front to the back, and at this point, I really need to be knitting it in front of a table so I can be sure the length is right. Soon, carrot, soon. And I cannot wait!

(no really, I can't. This current heatwave we're having aside, the weather is definitely turning where I live, and I need this thing.)

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heklica said...

Don't you love that moment with multiple projects when suddenly all of them are near completion? That's when I start panicking about what I'm going to do when they're all finished and gone?