Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Resistance: futile

Yeah, I got started on the Fleece Artist roving:

It came in a kit, did I say this? For thrummed mittens, I think - so there is a skein of some sort of very nice wool (merino or BFL maybe) dyed in the matching denim blue to go with it. I am leaning toward 'hat', because what else is new? but maybe... since I seem to be able to spin this a bit narrower than the bulky stuff I've been up to so far... would there be enough for heavy socks?

Speaking of which, I have been putting my head down over the variegated socks and got as far as the heel on the first one.

I've been finetuning the pattern as I go, but it was a cobbled-together mash of my favourite sock elements from the start and it's still got its share of rough edges. I'll make the second sock to match this one, and then do a second pair in a solid to be sure it's what I like.

One thing I definitely like: the way this stitch gives me a little ribbing and the variegation a little breakup. Plus, so comfy! Even in this summer heat.

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