Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August sock knitalong

Over at Knitting and Tea and Cookies, we're doing a Sock Knitalong so as to be ready for cooler weather - and some lucky randomly-selected participant will receive a prize of a skein of sock yarn from my personal stash, which is in intense need of destash activity (two birds, one feeder, yesss!)

Want to join us?

All you have to do really is add a comment to the Sockalong thread with or without your goals for the month to say you're in - at the end of the month I'll do that random number selector thingy to see who gets the yarn.

My goal - surprise! - is to stop being mad at Man Socks and finish them:

They really are so close, aren't they. And also, finish my variegated socks, which aren't close at all. Also I think I'm really not happy with the way I messed up the heel on sock #1 yesterday - really, I should frog back and do that part over. But will I?

Even if I don't, the two pairs should take me most of the month what with my other patterning obligations and spinning obsession but... um... I'm going to try to start another pair of socks too. There's just so much yarn, and I want to knit it all!

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Sally Anne said...

Hi Mary, I haven't been visiting blogs for a while, but what a great surprise today to see your beautiful spun wool and I see you have mastered the art of spindle spinning. Wow, how fantastic is that.
I learnt to spin on a spindle many years ago from an Italian lady and recently I met up with her again at one of our creative fibre meetings. She is in her eighties now and still spinning. She told me that she always spins whilst she is making pasta for tea... in between stirring the sauce !!