Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I should be knitting, but I have the Fall 2010 copy of Interweave Knits and, well. Takes me a few reads-through to decide what I like best, and it's nice and breezy on the porch for sitting and leafing, you know?

Sometimes an ad really grabs me, like this Bergere de France cardi from their Creations 10/11 magazine:

I would make it without the fussy collar (pretty, but not me) and I would want raglan sleeves, because they look nicer on my shoulders, but I looove those flared sleeves and hem, don't you?

And then there's Classic Elite Yarns, which always has the cutest of cute patterns:

It's Forest, by a very clever Susan Mills. I might really have to make this one, if only to try out the wool and nettles yarn. But only after I've finished the Carrot cardi, which is pining away in a bag on the back of my bedroom door while I avoid knitting socks.

Speaking of socks:

Love these. Alpen Socken, by Judy Alexander. Not just because I own almost exactly the same shoes. And I have some red sock yarn sitting in the stash, too...

Still, it's going to be fall, and I'm thinking sweaters. Like this bewitching little Cloisonne Jacket by Deborah Helmke:

But the one I love most?

Hawthorn Pullover, by Kathy Zimmerman. I will probably never make it for myself, because it's exactly the wrong sort of shape to draw attention away from one's tummy, but the way the cables stand out? Mmmm. Perfect combination of stitch and yarn if you ask me.


Unknown said...

Love the pictures, especially the Bergere de France cardi! So jealous of you sitting on your porch - it's 100 here today UGH!!

heklica said...

Feel like I've been sitting on the porch with you leafing through the magazine. Love them all!