Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On-the-go knitting

Today was Island day - in spite of living quite close to this hugely beautiful park only accessible by ferry (or other boat, should you be fortunate enough to own one or know somebody who does) I'm lucky to get down there once a year - and you couldn't have asked for a lovelier day to do it in. Perfect temperature, soft breeze off the lake, lots of sun between the shady places. And even a bit of time in which to knit my sock among the persistently falling leaves:

But as I knit my way along another pattern repeat I realized Something Awful.

I'm in the car again later this week for just a ton of time in which I will not be called upon to navigate at all. And apart from these socks, I have nothing to bring that will feed over three hours of potential stitching.

Which would be okay if I wasn't also going to be waiting around someplace knitty on the weekend, and I mean seriously bored out of my mind for about an hour in a place where I want to be carrying as little as possible, i.e. socks. But I'm getting pretty close to the end of these ones, and there aren't even three more hours of mindless knitting in them, I don't think.

So I need to make some time tomorrow to get my Carrot cardi back in the front of my brain. I'm doing the first front now, nearly ready to cast off, but I have to match the shaping to the back which needs to happen at home (where I should also stitch on the buttons I bought in June, or others from the stash if there are any I like better.) Then I could in theory bring the second front along in the car, matching buttonholes to the location of the buttons per the instructions.

And that would be okay if I hadn't gone and bought this on the way home from the Island today:

A $6 lambswool vest - mens' XL, super long with buttons, fabulous murky colour that matches the skirt in the photo above like a dream - to frog into yarn.

Guess what I did tonight instead of sorting out the Carrot or writing this blog?

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heklica said...

Lol :) I hate frogging for yarn! But the colour of that vest seems really versatile so it would be worth the effort.