Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mystery tools

I realized yesterday that for the past few weeks I've been lagging along with my four unfinished socks thinking I have another ten days or so to finish them but


August actually ends a little before Labour Day Weekend, which I had mentally substituted as the deadline for finishing all my unfinished socks for the August Sockalong. I mean, the name alone should have been a clue that I only have till the end of the month. And I have a long way to go even without the distraction of mittens.

Living on the edge as I do, I continued to ignore my socks last night. Instead I spent nearly two hours knitting (*frogging reknitting repeat from * till blind) the top of mitten #3 so it would match mitten #2 as closely as possible. And then I knit the cuff of mitten #4, found it was too narrow, frogged, and started reknitting to make it match mitten #1.

When #4 is done, I'm done, till the socks are finished and the ends run in. Then it's thumb time.

Somewhere in the midst of the mitten frenzy I wandered over to my needle stash and revisited a needle roll storage thingy I bought at a rummage sale in the spring. Inside, I found these sticks I missed the first time:

I'm wondering what they are. I can't help thinking they look like the hooks Robin Hansen describes in Favorite Mittens - aka the source of all my mitten angst - for the Hooked Mittens some gentleman used to make in acrylic yarn: not a crochet hook, but not a knitting needle either. Still, they do seem to be missing a hook, having been sharpened at the ends like pencils.

They have all been shaved to a flat edge like a screwdriver on top, with a little hole drilled in the top, and one is cracked near the hole; the three that aren't have a little yellow yarn threaded through the hole and something, I can't tell what, written in blue on the flattened edge below the hole.

Any ideas?


Yarn Envy said...

yarn needle maybe? Your mittens are adorable!!! :D

Unknown said...

I have a question, when you rip out knitting, do you truly rip it out and pick up stitches, or do you "unknit" it stitch by stitch? Just wondering. I always unknit, but it takes forever, especially if my mistake is aways back.

Mary Keenan said...

I wonder, Yarn Envy... if the yarn you were threading through was slim enough you could get it through these little holes, but the rest of it looks like it was made from a dowel - could they possibly be weaving aids?

Mary Keenan said...

Angela, I rip out. Unless it's less than 30 or so stitches, in which case it's kinda worth the time - otherwise it's pull out the needles with teeth gritted and rip back. Of course I always pick up the stitches so they're facing the wrong way because that's easier, and then I have to turn them around again, and rewind the balls... it's such a pain! and I had to do it again tonight because I somehow managed to knit almost the whole way to the tip of a mitt without noticing I'd increased for the thumb a row too early. Three times. Sigh.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I know! I know! They're for stick weaving.

Kathleen Taylor said...

and another stick weaving link: