Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My friend Helena called my attention to a group on Ravelry for knitting 11 sweaters in 2011, and I'm thinking about it.

Not about 11 sweaters, but the idea of committing to something for the new year. Resolutions, really. And a leap over the work of holiday knitting to its presumably successful conclusion, plus the rewards of leisurely consumption of chocolate and dessert squares, ahem.

(and - okay, 11 sweaters. I guess if you knit nothing else, and some of them are bulky and some are for children?)

If I were so delusional as to think I could control my interests in the coming year from the distance of the previous November, what would I commit to?

Starting and finishing the project ideas I never pursued? This vest is weighing rather heavily on my mind, after all. It would be good to finish and wear it.

Spinning one skein a month? I could do that, probably. When I get going I can spin one on a spindle in a couple of days, a week tops. And I do have rather a lot of fiber right now. By which I mean a lot.

Knitting a pair of socks a month? That would take me partway through my stash of sock yarn, and go a long way to reducing my weekly sock-washing panic (speaking of which, I wonder if I have any dry ones for today?)

Designing a whole sweater by myself? That would be pretty great, if marginally crazypants.

Promising to knit only from my stash, with no new yarn or fiber purchases of any kind? Erm - totally crazypants. I don't have that kind of willpower.

Promising to make fiber and yarn purchases equivalent in value only to what I bring in through knitting-related work? Interesting, but pretty close to 'totally' on the crazypants scale.

Designing a new pattern every month? I can usually do a small one in a week, which is a lot less crazypants, especially if I'm not also trying to spin and knit socks and design a sweater.

What about a mix? Working through the current fiber stash, knitting perhaps 4 or 6 pairs of socks for myself, designing 4 new small projects and 1 sweater, and sorting out that vest? That would be... maybe 8 months' worth of projects, tops, leaving lots of margin for impulses and ideas and last-minute gift knitting. Almost imaginable.

What knitty things would you like to do, if you had a year to do them in?


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I joined the 10 shawls this year and I'm going to make it (just half a shawl left) but I don't think I could ever do 11 sweaters!

heklica said...

Oh, so many ideas to choose from :) You're so suggestive, I suddenly feel I need to make some commitments myself :) But no scarves for me this year!