Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last week I alluded to the trip Trish and I took to the Naked Sheep, which is closing and having a huge sale to move out all its remaining inventory by the end of the month.

Now, we all know that I do not need more yarn, and furthermore that physiotherapy bills are forcing me to be far more fiscally conservative than I would like. But I loved the Naked Sheep and never mind that I wanted a few last souvenirs of my shopping time there, I wanted to do my part to help clear out that store.


And I was pretty good, considering.

I desperately needed more Addi needles in sizes I either don't have covered or do have covered but only in lace points, which I just find really really hurty on the fingertips such that I use them only when I must have that sharp tip. There were lots left, so I was able to get these:

I also got this how-to-spin DVD which is not the one Helena recommended I get my hands on but looks delightful all the same:

Somehow a virus got around my antivirus protection and invaded my e-mail files about ten minutes ago or I would be able to tell you which DVD she did recommend. I am trying not to panic about the virus or the fact that I foolishly haven't backed up my files in a Really Long Time and am just trusting to the powers of Norton Internet Security and failing that, my genius brother, la la la la deep breathing.

And finally - and this is something I may be squishing for reassurance purposes later on today - I bought a big hunk of yarn:

It's perfect for a hat - look, it even matches my scarf! And I don't have to tell you what else it matches.


Yarn Envy said...

Looks like some awesome finds especially the spinning video, I really want to learn how to spin.

Bad luck about the virus, I always use Avast Anti Virus. Its free and works pretty good. It runs in the back ground most of the time and can stop most virus from even connecting to your computer and if you think that one might have slipped it has an access scanner.

Good luck on getting rid of it. :D

heklica said...

Hope you get rid of those physiotherapy sessions soon! That's a beautiful scarf you've got there, and an even more beautiful yarn :)