Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My yarn stash is scaring me

The other day after some houseworky boringness I read an e-mail from Trish, alerting me to a yarn sale.  Not an in-a-shop sale, but an in-an-apartment one: somebody was doing a very big destash.  She thought I might like to know for some reason that escapes me.

Well, the yarn being sold was as expensively delicious as it was copious.  There were several bundles of skeins more than sufficient for a sweater, not to mention endless sock yarn - possibly little enough to get through in a lifetime if there was no more yarn shopping happening ever.  And I had to congratulate myself on not overstashing to such an extent.

EVEN THOUGH the boring houseworky stuff I'd just done was to consolidate my felted wool stash so I could shift my yarn stash so there would be space for the yarns and roving I just ordered from Twisted Fiber Art.

That is scary.

But scarier is this:  My felted wool stash filled two garbage bags which are now sitting in the storage room waiting for me to decide how many scraps I need to keep and what I'm going to make with the rest.  I put yarn I'm probably never going to knit with into the three file cabinet drawers it had filled (it filled part of another cupboard too, which I've put something else into) and the now-less-crowded cubbies it had co-shared still look full.

And by 'full', I mean I have a whole cubby that is just sock yarn. 

It will take me years to work through it all.  So why do I keep buying more?

Never mind that.  The more pressing question is, is it bad that I keep buying more?

Erm... maybe that's also not a good question to ask.  How about, is there any chocolate?  Because chocolate is always a good answer.

(you know what, sometimes you just buy the wrong yarn for you.  or too much of the right yarn, such that there's still some left when you're ready to move on to a different favourite.  the trick is to let that yarn go entirely, rather than just leaving it to languish in a filing cabinet - and for that trick to work, you definitely need chocolate.)

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Trish said...

But chocolate is the answer to EVERYTHING!