Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Putting my affairs in order

I spent most of January recovering from December, and setting myself up for a year of Good Things, knitting and otherwise (but mostly knitting, because that's so much easier to control don't you find?)  Part of that has been finishing off stuff I'd left undone, and another part was knitting Christmas gifts for people I kinda missed that deadline for, and the most fun part was knitting some presents for ME.

Like my next-to-last pair of wool/mohair socks from Stoddart Family Farm:

I'm calling them my Monet socks.  These colours are soooo peaceful and springy.

And I love how, in spite of all the tiny colour dots, I'm not getting any pooling to speak of (I just can't bring myself to count that green patch, it's so tiny, and anyway every meadow has a few places where the wildflowers haven't taken over yet.)

I've also been making socks out of the yarn I bought for somebody else to give me for Christmas - the Zombie BBQ colourway kit from Lorna's Laces, via Soak (it came with a jar of Heel cream in it, if you recall.)  These I seem to have neglected to take a picture of, but I will, promise.  Eventually.  They are pretty addictive and it would take a better person than I am to be able to put them down for a mere camera.

You might think there is no urgency to all this - after all, it's another 10 months till things really heat up again for pressure knitting - but you'd be wrong.

Because lookit what came in the mail on Monday:

Yep.  It's the Biscotte yarn club, where you get a custom pattern with each skein.  I get to open the February one as soon as I'm done writing this, but I have to wait till March and then April for the other two.  (April's feels like it's already been wound into a cake.  I am SO EXCITED.)  And this time, I really, really want to knit every month's yarn before it's time to open the next.  Wouldn't that be a great way to start the year?

(I know, I know, I still have to finish the socks from the October club... gotta finish the Monets first, because they're warmer!)


Jan HP said...

Hi Mary I love your socks. What size needles do you use & how many stitches do you cast on?

Thanks-Jan HP

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Jan! For fingering weight socks I cast on 64 sts with 2.25mm needles - but I have a super loose tension so you might want something bigger. The Monet socks use something a little heavier than fingering so I'm doing what I do for sport and DK weight: 56 sts on 2.5mm needles.

Carlin said...

I absolutely love the colors and Monet is a perfect name!