Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Roundup: crafty Easter ideas

Remember Zinzaabub and Scribbles, the Easter Chick Twins?


(they are non-identical because I am not that good with an embroidery needle.)

I had all kinds of fun making them for a previous Easter - all kinds except the one about having lots of time in which to make them.  This year, feeling a bit twitchy about wanting to do another fun thing, I am hunting early for ideas.

1. Domenic Duck
The whole twitchy factor started when I spotted Domenic, in an ad on Ravelry (love those ads.)  He is a tremendously cute, wide-billed gentleman invented by the very clever Ms. Cleaver, whose site I'm sure you will also enjoy.  If you are a knitter who tracks activity on Ravelry, here is his page of cuteness.  I am smitten!

2. Easter Egg Treats
Jean Greenhowe offers a number of really, really adorable tiny knit toys and you might get distracted scrolling down to the Easter Egg Treats, but it will be worth it.  These little animal friends look cute as anything but they are also stealthy: they conceal chocolate eggs!  I can't personally think of anything more suitable for me, unless it's a knit device that peels and feeds chocolate eggs to passing chocoholics. In the meantime, click here for the Ravelry page for the Treats.

3. Felted Bunny
Directions for this elongated, graceful bunny by Christine Manitz are available in English and look pretty do-able to me.  I took one look at the images and thought: this rabbit needs to be hiding in tall grass, a basket tucked snugly beside it.  How cute would that be?  Or a bunch of them gathered together at the front door of your house, or mine?  Come to think of it, you could probably stuff them with heavy things for use as a doorstopper... anyway, I love the felted bunny and keep revisiting its Ravelry page.  Thank you Christine!

4. Easter Cupcakes
The attractions of this one are pretty self-explanatory.  They are designed by Louise Watling, another clever designer of small cutes, and feature little eggs and daffodils on top.  What's not to love?  The Ravelry link is the only one I spotted, so, erm, hope you're a member!

5. Fuzzy Easter Chicks and Mini Easter Eggs
This one comes from The PurlBee, a site dreams are made of, and if you scroll down past the amazing fuzzy chicks (who look like Zinzaabub and Scribbles but are I assure you of entirely different construction) you will spot what made me swoony:  the eggs.  Knitted Easter eggs, my friends. The Ravelry page is here.  And the reason I swooned for the eggs is here:

6. Grow Your Own Easter Basket Grass
Just ignore the plastic eggs in the adorable baskets pictured at this link: that is where the knitted eggs go.  Or the chicks or the egg treats or maybe an undersized elongated bunny?  Whatever: it's awesome.

And now, back to some other Eastery knitting.  Not a bonnet, unfortunately, but garment-ish nonetheless.  I'll show it to you later when I have enough of it to photograph: meanwhile, have a great day.


Unknown said...

Great ideas! I'm still in St. Patty's day mode..not in Easter just yet! Thanks for getting me thinking ahead!

Mary Keenan said...

heh heh - I've been scheming for St. Patrick's Day too; stay tuned!