Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten Things about Knitting (and other stuff)

So many pieces of information have been forcing themselves on my attention in the last few days, I decided against trying to pull them into a cohesive report and offer it all to you as a numbered list.

Some Things I Didn't Know Before I Found Them Out Just Now

1/ It takes a really long time to knit 365 stitches of lace, especially when your instinct tells you to K2tog, ssk and the pattern tells you to K2tog, K1, ssk and you have to keep ripping back.

2/ More especially if you factor in the time it took you to set up the row before the lace row so that you actually have 365 stitches and not, say, 362.  (took about an hour to realize I missed one yarn over while knitting, and two stitches while counting.)

3/ Super especially if you are trying to watch 'My 600 Pound Life', first because there is nothing else on and I mean NOTHING, and then because it turns out the heroine of the episodes I saw, Melissa Morris, is incredibly brave, insightful, and honest. Love that woman.  (apologies as needed for not being able to find anything more highbrow than the Daily Mail link.)

4/ It's so not a good plan to be inspired to stop eating so many cookies by the journey of a woman down from 945 pounds, the night before you've promised to bake cookies for a bake sale.

5/ It's this recipe.  You know, in case you were wondering.

6/ You can't bring sharp objects along to keep you company if you have been summoned to serve in the jury pool where I live. I am trying to come to grips with this and hope to come up with either a week's worth of must-read books or some other nonpointy option in the five or so weeks I have left before I have to show up at the courthouse.

7/  Crafty people are SO SUGGESTIBLE.  and I have proof that it's not just me.  Guess how many people made a run on prints of this scrumptious piece of art unveiled at Attic 24, I dare you.  My own guess is, A Lot.  (and I would be among them if I had an inch of wall space available for it.)

8/ I am pretty sure a crochet hook is okay to bring to a courthouse, as it's not sharp.  But even though I am a Voracious Reader of Attic 24, I still haven't been sufficiently motivated by crochet to figure out how to use one.

9/ Conversely - further to #7 - I am totally motivated by pictures of looms, as proven by my spending a lot of today's cookie-prep time researching same.  The Schacht Cricket is so teeny! I would have an inch of space for that, surely.  Especially if it meant reducing the many inches of space currently allocated to my yarn stash.  Or maybe a Kromski - either the Harp or the Fiddle?

10/ Or maybe the Schacht, because I am pretty sure it would be okay to bring a 5-pound loom into a courthouse.  After all, there's nothing on my summons letter discouraging the bringing of blunt objects.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I am staying out of the loom discussion because I am not thinking about looms. Nope. Nosiree...

Mary Keenan said...

SO true - a loom would be just terrible for you ;^)