Thursday, May 17, 2012

Being spontaneous + colour game

This weekend is a long one where I live, and I decided this evening to celebrate by seeing how much I can get done by staying offline.

I hope not a lot because otherwise I might feel obligated to do this sort of thing more often.  Ack!

After deciding that and then scrambling to get boring stuff out of the way first - things like putting groceries away so I don't trip over them while dashing about being superproductive - I spotted something exciting.

Don't these colours shout Stripe Me?  And also, Put Me In A Different Order?  which I would have done if I had given myself any longer to fuss over the photograph.  That orange so totally wants to be between the blue and the purple... though of course, it would be if the three of them were striped together in more than one repeat.  Where would you put the green I wonder?

In any case: I decided right then to play a game throughout my offline weekend which is, look for colour inspiration in really unexpected places.  If it turns out those colours also exist in somebody's yarn stash, so much the better, especially if it's mine because I might be motivated to knit faster then. Maybe you'd like to play too!

I'll be back on Monday but probably not at dawn (holidays = sleeping in), and hopefully I'll have some colourful pictures that might be yarny or just pasta-related.  Well, probably not pasta-related.  It's Been Done.

Have a great weekend everybody, see you soon!

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