Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Study aid

While immersed in the reading for an exam I’ve got coming up – which is taking me a really, really long time mostly spent trying to stay in a chair with the book – I discovered some new uses for a straight knitting needle. 

And that’s sort of helpful since I have so many of them and I mostly use circulars and double points these days.

Check it out:

Backscratcher (self-explanatory)

Bookmark (for where you leave off, where you have a question, or what page you want to get to before you let yourself get out of the chair again)

Line Marker (the bright turquoise needle I’m using makes it so much easier to focus on the bit I’m trying to retain)

Pointer (useful for asking questions about a specific passage from a more informed person standing some distance away)

Drumstick (for drumming out beats as you read, which may or may not aid in concentration but is fun, so, Yay!)

Knitting: aren’t we lucky to know how, and to have all the multifunctional tools to go with?

In other news if I don't fit in some actual knitting today I think my head might explode.  Last night I was on the brink of carving out 20 minutes to watch a documentary and get the second variegated sock to the toe decreases when I realized my printer doesn't work now that I've upgraded the router that died the other day...

and the new router wouldn't let me adjust its IP address to match the printer's...

and so I lost about 90 more minutes to technology...

and after I fixed it with a USB cable and did the quiz I wanted the printer to help me study for and it only took 10 minutes instead of the 40 I was expecting which would have meant 

30 glorious minutes

of knitting time, I realized that the notes I'd been trying to print all that time were already printed and bound neatly for my reference, amongst my study materials.


I will do better tonight.  I gotta.


andrea said...

don't you just hate when you have the notes already but your brain tricks you into redoing it all. oh and BIG congratulations on getting picked for the pattern of the day over on the daily knitter. good luck with the studying.

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, did I really?? That's so great, thanks for letting me know!