Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lace sock in progress

At last, I have a share-worthy (if not award-worthy) picture of the lace sock I've been obsessing over:

I haven't had a lot of time for it - and I suspect it should be a lot longer than this even in the time I have had because it's a worsted weight yarn - but I've enjoyed every stitch.  The yarn is Twisted Fiber Art's 'Yummy' and if you work with it you'll know why it got that name (hint: there's cashmere in it), the colourway 'Slate' which is a coordinating subtle for Bookworm, if like me are in love with the bluey grey tones.

Knitting worsted weight socks is such an attractive proposition because they go


but at the same time, they are gonna be warm socks and there is absolutely no point in putting an elaborate design of holes into them.  I have learned the hard way that lace doesn't make a hot sock cool enough for warmer weather, but it does make a medium-temperature sock totally unsuitable for weather that is actually, unarguably, cold. 

So: I really should not be knitting holes into these socks.  Probably a raised increase would be smarter.  On the other hand, yarn overs are so fun!

And also, So hard to photograph well! 

Because the grey, much as I love it, is kinda dark. 

Even though the dark colour is great for my wardrobe, I can't help thinking the lace would show up better in a brighter colour.  Of course, that would probably mean me buying more yarn which I'm not supposed to do right now for reasons I can illustrate overwhelmingly next week because huge piles of yarn are not hard to photograph well at all.

(you know where this is going, right?)

Luckily I am pretty sure my yarn-buying break doesn't apply to picking up a few favourites from the end of the current Twisted Fiber Art club.  I don't want to post it here lest I spoil somebody's surprise in their own mailbox (click on Hugs' google+ page for a pic of the braid if you're curious) but

omigosh omigosh omigosh

it's a perfect smorgasbord of lace sock colour choices!

(or maybe I mean, lace hat colour choices?  though it's illogical to put a lot of holes into a hat too, isn't it.)


ylostn said...

I am sorry to be leaving another post but not sure if my last one will get to you Mary. I can not get in to your email so will try here. I am (trying) to make the Lace Yoga Socks and just love the pattern...problem there is a mistake and I don't know how to correct it! Pattern is ok until Row the end of the row there are too many stitches for instructions given in the pattern. I am making the large size and at end of row 5 I should have 23 sts.....Row 9 I am told to cast on 26 sts. This adds up to 49 sts not the 45 sts the pattern states.

Hope I can get some help because they are a birthday gift! Thanks.


Mary Keenan said...

Ann, I'm so sorry you had this trouble! And then the e-mail link too... must address that. Anyway I really appreciate your spotting this error and letting me know so I can fix it; I've updated the pattern online now and if you download it again from the pattern page you'll get the corrected version (it will have rev2 at the end.) The repeats were off for size L, which caused all sorts of mixups in every row between the leg and foot, yikes! Let me know if you have any more difficulties - I'll be adding a Contact Me link at the sidebar to make it easier.

ylostn said...

Mary, thanks for getting back to me so quick...The Lace Yoga Sock pattern will not open for some reason!! I also tried your email link again and I get a message that there is not a program to open this email...don't know what that's about. Thanks...


Mary Keenan said...

Ann, try; I'll e-mail the pattern to you directly, okay? Failing that, here are the revised lines:

Row 5: [K3, P2] 2 (3, 4) times, K3, cast off all remaining sts in the round in P1 K1 rib (at the end of the row, remove marker to loop final st over first st of next round) – 13 (18, 23) sts
Row 6: [K1, yo, ssk, P2] 2 (3, 4) times, K1, yo, ssk
Row 7: [P3, K2] 2 (3, 4) times, P3
Row 8: [K2tog, yo, K1, P2] 2 (3, 4) times, K2tog, yo, K1
Row 9: Turn work and cast 22 sts knitwise onto left needle. Working back across them, [P1, K1] 11 times, [P3, K2] 2 (3, 4) times, P3 – 35 (40, 45) sts