Thursday, May 24, 2012

No-brainers and second guesses

I spotted this bag yesterday and knew immediately it had been waiting for me to come and buy it:

I would have wanted it even if I hadn't actually been in the process of looking for a bag that would make it enjoyable (and to a lesser extent possible) to carry big textbooky things.

Bonus: it's from Matt and Nat, handbag designers who make amazing use of recycled materials.  There wasn't a lot of information on this particular bag but judging by the warehouse items at their website the exterior is 'Japanese paper' and the lining is, as always, plastic bottles.

Bigger Bonus: it weighs practically nothing.  I mean, think 'T-shirt'.  I'll only be carrying the weight of the books.  (and some knitting, but knitting weight never counts, right?)

Super Bonus:  I bet I could fit a whole sweater project in this thing, if I ever get going on a sweater project again.

Super Duper Bonus: check out how cute it's going to be with my new skirt!

I'm not sure about the wisdom of pairing this deeply orange skirt with a red patent belt but I think I'll do it anyway if I can figure out a top half that works - with the bag as part of the outfit, it's pure sunset.

The skirt is to wear while I'm carrying and working from the textbooky things, and since it is linen and goes all the way to my ankles I deem it Awesome. 

Less Awesome: the other skirt I bought which does not quite go to my ankles and is actually pants.  Yup, somebody invented the maxi skort.

I love it for my everyday life, but I realized too late that it a/ cost a lot more than I might have expected; b/ is apparently not suitable for textbook days; c/ is not returnable, which adds up to ouch.

Also ouch is that the big fold across the front, which I thought was a giant knitting pocket, is actually just a fold and not attached to anything across the hem at all.  Lucky I checked before I threw a sock in there!

In the face of the double ouch I decided I had better start wearing it asap and forever, which meant unpinning the tag and making a wonderful discovery:

It's one of those bulb pins I've been longing for from the English dressmaker's supply shop whose international shipping rates are so very painful (but look downright enchanting by comparison with skort prices)!

There are two good things about actually having one of these pins in my possession:

1/ I have a fun new marker for either stitches or rows

2/ I now know I have no desire for a box of bulb pins

(because you know what?  they are kinda pinchy.  as in, ouch, for real.)

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