Friday, May 11, 2012

Pictures of yarn: Stoddart edition

Hello, and thanks for dropping by!  Today I am writing less words than usual and posting more pictures.   Pictures of

S H A M E.

We start with a tired and slightly rumpled girl with a smile barely visible behind the mountain of fiber and yarn in her arms, waiting in a long line of people ready to pay for their purchases at the Stoddart Family Farm booth during the 2012 Knitter's Frolic.  How does she look different from them?  It's not the smile.  It's that you can see their whole faces around their smiles.  And they are not still reaching out to the baskets of goodies as they move along.

(to my credit, I only dropped one thing, and nothing else fell while I picked it up.  I keep a tight grip.)

(also, I was buying for Karen and a little bit for Trish.)

(you've seen these already.  each one is more than 100g and Karen only wants the one in the middle so - hello Tour de Fleece!)

(boot sock yarn, aka a heavier weight of romney/mohair for really cold days on which you actually want to stay warm.  if I get all these knit, I will have five pairs of superwarm socks come winter.)

(this is what they look like, wound up.  I love them so.  I love them so much I am whispering here in these parentheses, as one would during a fancy schmancy golf tournament.)

(the yarn I got for Trish.  she kindly look this picture for me because I didn't do that before I gave it to her, and now I have not only yarn envy - and how - but outdoor-lighting envy.  need more deck!)

(blue and orange version 1, now shifting entirely to normal sock weight.)

 (blue and orange version 2.  they're almost the same and I just couldn't decide between them so, well.  yes.)

(some purples I think I thought would work as heel and toe for the blue and orange yarn if needed.  I might have been getting a little crazy by that time, or else it was a match for the salmon-pinky-crazy and I didn't know which Trish would prefer.  I'm sure there was some good reason for it coming home with me, other than yarn greed.)

(what these look like all wound up... see? there really is a difference between the two blue oranges!  slight, but definite. enough to not quite show in time when I mixed up the cakes after dividing them into two each for two different feet, but that's another story for another day.)

And there we have it.  Mary, buying too much yarn, but probably for the last time before fall.  I hope you have a simply wonderful weekend, whether or not you are celebrating Mother's Day, and I hope I see you again next week too.  Take care, and happy knitting!

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UmmRania said...

aww man, I HAVE to find a yarn festival in Germany!