Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Knitting: thrills and spills and giveaways too

So many excitements to share - where to start?

* * * * *

Yesterday my course moved on to teleconferences and web meetings, which is to say: listening and occasionally taking notes, rather than reading on my own.

I can knit while listening and occasionally taking notes.

So, bliss, for the almost-two hour meeting yesterday morning I knit along while watching charts unfold on my computer screen, explained by really a very gifted teacher.  After two weeks of poring over books I didn't always understand it was this close to heaven. 

Until it wasn't, but more on that later.

* * * * *

I've been invited to participate in a blog tour to promote a new knitting book which I think you guys will be as thrilled about as I am.  Partly because it is going to be a go-to volume for any knitter's library (I know it'll be a biggie in mine) and partly because

I get to give a copy away!  

The title?

Cast On, Bind Off, by Leslie Ann Bestor.  Yep, we're talking 50 different ways to start and end every conceivable type of project under one adorable cover (seriously, if you turned those swatches sideways and put the Princess to bed on them there is no way she could feel a single Pea.  They look that squashy!)

Not to mention that after the fiasco that was my last shawl, where I was supposed to learn a new cast on for the first 6 or so stitches and was too lazy and basically ruined the shawl which now curls with determination where I used the wrong cast on, I need this book.

So stay tuned - I'll be posting my review and doing the giveway in early July.

 * * * * *

Speaking of new publications, have you guys seen the 2012 edition of Knitscene Accessories?  I saw a preview the other day and went, WHOA.  There are some fabulous patterns in there.  

Then I got an e-mail about its actual release and, YUP.  Gotta have this one.  Check it out!

(ps, digital or print edition, do you think?)

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Louise has come up with another amazing club project for Biscotte et Cie - socks with owls on them, complete with owly-hued heels, toes, and cuffs.  I am swoony with delight.  Also with the prospect of yet another sock project for the queue, but I might not be able to resist, it's too awesome.

(Icing on the yarn cake: you can buy the kit or the kit with matching owl project bag.  GAH, resistance, it's futile)

* * * * *

Okay, so back to my current socks.  I was so, so excited to be knitting away in a meeting again, knowing I was disturbing no-one (no webcams required.)  I was also excited to be knitting so far away from the safety pin that marks the end of the gusset, because it meant I was getting closer to the toe decreases.

When I drew near thirty rows out I glanced over to see if I had an extra safety pin marker on my knitting bag, which I didn't, and wasn't going to leave the meeting to get.

Then I noticed the foot was really long.

Then I found the missing safety pin.

It was already marking 30 rows from the gusset, which means I went just a whole ton of distance over what I needed for the toe decreases.

Le Sigh

Good thing I can frog just as easily as knit while paying attention in a meeting, huh?

* * * * *

(Okay, disaster aside, I am feeling a lot better today about this whole course and testing thing.  Maybe it's because the instructors are really good and the study materials equally so, but I think it's because I finally got to knit again.  Don't you?)


kerrie.james said...

I've been waiting for this book to come out, thanks for the review!

PiscesMuse said...

Love the colour of the sock yarn, but must know what is it and where do I get it?

Also, how would you get a digital copy of knot scene. I have an iPad and cat find it in the app store. Sigh.


Mary Keenan said...

Oops! PiscesMuse, I just added a link for the digital copy - click on 'digital' in the digital vs print copy debate and it will take you through. Didn't realize the main link didn't give that option!

The sock yarn is Vesper Sock, which you can find through the 'Yarns' tab at the top of the screen (via Knitterly Things.) This yarn is in the variegated section, and it's called Sierra... you may have to wait for stock but it will be worth it ;^)

PiscesMuse said...

Thanks a bunch for the info!

Off to go spend more money on knitting! Budgets smudgets!