Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Socklets when cute

The thing about stripey socklets is that, even when they are a drag to knit they are super practical to have, and even when botched they are oh-so-adorable to wear if only you have the right shoes:

I forgot I had these red suede babies until last week when I had to go to a dressy-uppy thing for which my clunky but orthotic Mary Janes would definitely not do, on a day that was too hot for boots and too cold for my pretty new sandals,

(which, incidentally, turn out to have been the really bad idea I had a vague niggling clue about and ignored at time of purchase)

and sat down in despair before my drawer of Shoes I Can't Wear Any More looking for something I could make work for a couple of hours.

Now of course I have a problem because I have proof that handknit socklets were a good idea just when I'm well into the season most likely to call for same and have no time to finish the ones in progress or amend the ones I finished with errors.  Dang.

In only partially related news, did you know you can still buy sockets, ready made, in a store?  They're not easy to find unless you're looking for nylon, but I'm pretty sure I spotted some bright stripey non-nylon ones a couple of weeks ago before turning up my nose and passing them by.  Of course there's no comparison really but...

... if only a tiny bit is going to show...

(okay, I'll stop now.  go knit something! and be glad you're not getting cavities filled today like me.)

(this time around I'm not so annoyed about the cavities as I am about the lost potential for knitting time.  does that make me more grownuppy because at least I'm not shaking with fear over it, or less because my priorities are so skewed?)

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