Monday, May 28, 2012

You can't knit with Mickey Mouse hands

You may have noticed a dearth of Works In Progress here at Hugs and I’m here to tell you it’s not from a lack of interest.  There are so many things conspiring against my knitting and sewing and lying around doing nothing schemes, and lately it seems even the weather is joining in.

Mickey Mouse Hands Defined

Many many years ago I went for a walk on a lovely day and, with no pressing matters to cut it short, ended up strolling along for several hours in what eventually became unbelievable heat.  When I finally decided to stop for a cold drink I fumbled to pay for it and discovered my hands had grown to Mickey Mouse proportions from hanging downward all that time as the temperature rose.  Gah!  Heat and humidity = not your fingers’ friends.

The Curse of the Mickey Mouse Hand

The other day I had to go and run errands (aka Bus Time) and when I scored a solo window seat I discovered the horror: I forgot to put knitting in my bag.  I nearly cried.  Well, okay, not really, but there was some gnashing of teeth until I realized I couldn’t knit even if I had brought anything because my fingers were all puffy and non-nimble again.

Same thing happened at a concert the other night.  I went early figuring I could knit while I waited for the music to begin, and once I sat down I didn’t even bother taking my sock – I had remembered it this time - out of my bag.  Too Darn Hot.

Circumventing the Mickey Mouse Hand

Still, ha! You can slow me down, but you can’t take me right out of the knitting picture.  By aid of the cool basement of my house and moments stolen from study time, plus a long trip in an air-conditioned car last weekend, I finished one sock.

Okay, I didn’t graft the toe.  It’s still good enough to count as far as I’m concerned, though – that little step can wait, because MAN, it’s not like I’m gonna need a wool sock again for a while.

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Renik said...

Your wonderfully-colored socks will be absolutely fantastic!