Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hedging one's bets

When you are expecting something disappointing by mail, it is a really, really good plan to seed your mail with something wonderful:

Do you even need to ask? Of course it's another little bag from Melissa at tiny happy.  Can. Not. Get. Enough.  Plus, for some reason I can't even imagine because I'm not knitting so much at the moment, I couldn't find an empty project bag the last time I needed one.  When that happens, I always give myself permission to buy myself a new present, the very next time Melissa posts one in her shop that calls my name.

(they all call my name, incidentally, but I try only to hear the ones that are a good size for the current gap.  this time that worked.)

Now, isn't it amazing to think that somebody embroidered this fabric lo these many years ago?  Somebody just like you or me sat down and made this for somebody else to enjoy - either as a gift, or as something pretty for their own home to help their guests feel comfortable there.  The embroidery stitches aren't worn, but the fabric around it does have tiny little stains, the kind you might get from being stored close to pins.  Maybe in the end and after all that work this piece wasn't used so much, which makes it even more special it's found a home with me.

Bonus special: Melissa always has the coolest fabrics and the best ideas for what to put together:


And YAY, I didn't have to sew it.  I could if I had those great fabrics and wanted to, I just don't and don't want to, because I spent SO much time yesterday sewing an iPad cover for a small friend who travels a lot by plane owing to her having a pilot for a dad. 

Is it sad that an almost 8 year old girl has an iPad and I had to borrow one in order to sew an appropriately-sized case for hers?  I pondered this while sewing and decided that the sad is me having a spinning wheel and her being without one, but on the other hand an iPad is much more sensible to take on a plane.  Tradeoffs, huh?

There is a Something in this pouch already, but it looks like the photographs I took of it are still in my camera and I'm a little bit rushed this morning so it will have to wait.  That's good news for you really since the original picture is of a teeny bit of knitting and if I took one now you would see a recognizable piece of garment.   Perhaps I will do that a bit later and show you another day this week.

Until tomorrow then - have a lovely, lovely day!

ps I did get the disappointment, but on the upside: now I don't have to go seeding my mail.  or is that a downside?

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