Monday, May 14, 2012


I've been hopping all over lately like a rabbit on a Twister mat, wondering which hole leads to home.  There is just so much going on - life, travel, study, work, laundry - so naturally, all I care about is playing with the layout and template for Hugs For Your Head. 

My first grownup jobs involved what was then called 'desktop publishing' - graphic design on a computer - and I guess I still have the bug because I just




drawing things and fiddling with colour and thinking about mood and stuff like that.

(do you like how I finally figured out how to take all those Where Else To Find Me things off the side of the page and up into a separate tab in the header?  bet you didn't notice, but the way those things didn't match up really bugged me and I'm thrilled to have a cleaner page.)

So, my apologies if you are feeling a little disoriented at a suddenly very very bright Hugs.  I'm feeling a little disoriented actually.  A bit squinty.  I may have to creep back into the template later today when I'm supposed to be studying.

Some More Things

Socks and Strangers

Friday when I was getting off the subway an older lady who I guess had been sitting near me but not near enough to talk to me there said,

"Are you knitting a sock?"

So as we were swept through the crowd to the turnstiles we talked sock.  The last thing I heard her say as were were streamed to our respective exits was,

"But I can't find any really fine yarn here!"

I'm still reeling from this concept because as you may know, I have a LOT of really fine sock yarn, so it's not like it's not find-able.  Or maybe she meant laceweight? in which case, she is amazing, but partly for being great and partly because there is a lot of really fine laceweight to be had too.

I wish we had talked longer because I would love to know where, in the wide world of Not Here, she was finding really fine yarn.

Studying and Knitting

I have to read a couple of HUGE manuals in the next week or two and I've been noticing my hands sneaking over to my knitting some of which is, thankfully, straight stocking stitch on circular needles.  I can knit that and still keep my eyes on the page.  But I do find that I get more interested in the knitting, or that my reading slows down along with my comprehension, so I'm going to have to stop that particular multitask-ism.

In theory the sooner I finish reading the sooner I can knit, but I am pretty sure I am still getting shortchanged on knitting here, because like I said, the manuals, they are HUGE.  Gah.

Elaborate Knitting

About three months ago I designed a pair of lace-related socks and cast one on and did most of the ribbing of the first sock and then set them down and forgot about them.  Last night I worked on them and


they are beautiful.  And so much easier than I expected, especially after the supercomplicated lace socks I made over the winter.  I gotta start designing stuff and then putting it away more often - it's fresh when I open it up again, because I'm not already overly exposed by the designing part.

Plain Knitting

Yesterday I got to be passenger for yet another flying trip to the cottage and decided to bring the least urgent knitting project - a pair of plain socks.  One of them was near the toe decrease, the other about an inch down from the cuff.  When I got it home my hands were sore and the other was about 20 rounds from the toe decrease.

Isn't it amazing how, if you just sock four or so hours into a project, you actually make progress?

No Knitting

I'm not getting enough knitting time for the next month, I can tell.  And when that month is over, it'll be Tour de Fleece and I'll be spinning.

a i i i e e e e

Okay, enough of all that, I have a week to get started on and so I'm sure do you.  Good luck with today and hope we meet again here tomorrow!  maybe even with pictures of some of the stuff I just mentioned.  you know, if I take enough breaks from the reading?  ahem.

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