Friday, May 3, 2013

How's this for matchy? a handknit sock hop

Two Koigu socks from two Koigu skeins:

I've knit socks from just one hand-dyed skein that didn't match as well as this.  Aren't they pretty?

And they'll be so perfect for fall.  Which is to say, so very much too hot for right now... we went from jackets to flip flops in pretty much one day, here, and are still in sandal mode at the end of a week of warm.  I'm gonna kind of give up on weather

(except not really, because if there is one thing I've noticed about me and my fellow Canadians, it's a constant dialogue about weather.)

In other news,

The Koigu socks are driving me crazy.  After several months of knitting on the square needles that, in the gauge I like for fingering weight yarn, are either too big or too small, I'm too spoiled to enjoy wood double pointed needles any more.  Wanh!  They are not slippery enough, my hands are cramping from the grip, and even after sanding, the tips are getting splitty and catchy again.

So I have been hunting for replacements.

The short story: double pointed needles are available in the following variations

too long

too vulnerable to warping

too reactive to my hands (I've tried two types of metal ones that made my palms burn)

too fussy (hello, magic loop and two-circulars)

too something or other to acknowledge 2.25mm as a size (I am looking at you Addi)

So I've decided to start random sampling now, and have ordered some 7" aluminums from I think Susan Bates, and just one (financially crippling) set of 5" Signatures.  I'm not including the link here.  You'll thank me for that if you don't know them already and google it yourself.  ahem.

In other, better news:


This has to be the prettiest Vesper Sock Club entry yet.  Can't wait to get these cast on! with... h'mmm, maybe whatever double pointed needle set comes in the mail first?

Have a marvelous weekend with some happy knitting, and I'll see you Monday!


Leslie said...

Please do a review of the signature needles when you get them. I've been eyeing them but wasn't sure if they'd be worth the cost.

Mary Keenan said...

Will do!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous socks! I'm doing a sweater and then back to wonderful socks!

As for the circulars, I do use a set, but I don't do two socks at once. Just too many things to get tangled. I do love my circulars for one sock, though. Worth a try!

linda gaylord said...

I do dpn,magic loop&2 circs for socks.have tried 2@a time on magic loop,but I didn't like how it went or how it turned out.want to try it on 2 circs soon.I tend to buy inexpensive needles&only use pricey brands if they are gifted to me.I buy Susan Bates aluminium&clover takumi bamboo.Both go down to size 0&can be purchased both in craft stores&online(try herrschners online).prices are quite cheap,I think.I have also purchased boye aluminium circs&lion brand plastic dpn for larger sizes(sizes start@4 or 5,depending on the brand).these are available in craft stores,online,and in big box stores.
in my opinion,these are all good needles,worth their price&get the job done-- i have never had any of them bend,break or split while in use or storage.