Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Without pink toes

Well, that was a really good idea about adding some pink stripes to the toes of the washing machine socks, if only I'd seen the comments on yesterday's post before I knit straight to blue:

In good news, I probably didn't have enough pink yarn left anyway.

Still, the socks are done!

and I love them sooo much.

Loving the idea of running in all those ends...

... sooo much less.

What price beauty, etc.

I showed some signs of sanity when I finished grafting the second toe, and did not immediately cast on the next pair of winter boot socks.  But I did choose colours and put the yarn into my winter boot sock project bag, so...

(yeah, like that's gonna last.  pictures next week, if I can wait that long.)

Have a great day, and knit fast! I'll see you tomorrow with something that isn't a sock.


Leslie said...

They look awesome even with all the streamers! :)

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Leslie! I used my standard pattern for them but oddly, had to tweak the toes to fit. Now they are pure bliss, even with all those streamers still stuffed inside ;^)