Monday, December 5, 2011

Clown car knitting

Over the weekend I finally got around to casting on one of the yarns I handspun last July, during the Tour de Fleece.  It's not quite as uneven as my early handspun which I felt made it viable for something, but it's uneven enough not to use for a hat or anything else that should fit... or, you know.  Have a recognizable shape.

It's so bulky I knew I couldn't do an actual scarf, so I decided to start with the narrowest strip I could justify and knit as much yarn as I had, then stitch it into a round and call it a cowl or, worst case, a neckwarmer:

I'm using the biggest, shortest straight needles I happened to have - 7mm, because I felt the really oversized ones would be pushing it - and making giant holes to stretch the yarn as far as it'll go:

Kind of pretty, do you think?

It's got a lot of depth and shadow anyway, with such bulky yarn.  I just feel like I could be knitting this in the middle of a clown act, with bright red needles so much bigger than what I'm used to these days.

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