Saturday, December 24, 2011

The twelfth day of knitting!!

Well, here we are at day 12, ready or not!

Today's theme: jewelry.

Remember how berserko people went a couple of years ago for cheap bangles with beautiful knitted fabric stretched over them?  Well, hang onto your hats.  These knits are fast and - in my opinion - irresistible.

Treasure locket for Mom,  courtesy the Purl bee (if you can crochet, you can do the matching ring)

Heartfelt Rings, courtesy tinyowlknits (you have to felt, but still: I bet there's time!)

Okay folks, this is it.  Christmas is tomorrow, but it starts today for me - same every year now, aren't I lucky? - so I'm officially On Vacation.  If I don't post here at dawn on Monday it will not be because I exploded from excess chocolate consumption but probably because I am sleeping off excess chocolate consumption.  Don't worry about me till Tuesday, is the message here.  And then forgive me if I trundle in around midday.

Meanwhile - even if you don't celebrate one of the many holidays that fall around this time of the year I hope you enjoy the more-or-less slower pace resulting from so many workplaces being closed for a break.  (and if you do celebrate one or more of them, have a wonderful time with lots of fodder for future warm memories!)

hugs, and happy knitting to you,


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