Thursday, December 15, 2011

The third day of knitting

I think we've established quite firmly that I am a hat person, but today I am going to recommend picking up a copy of Interweave Accessories 2011 (or buying the digital copy) so you can knit up a bunch of these cute headbands:

It's the Dryad Headband by Katya Frankel, and I could not wait for my contributor copy of the magazine to arrive so I could make one for Hannah.  It's got lots to keep you interested on the very short ride to completion including a clever increase technique that was new to me.  Plus, check out how it's hugging the side of my head there!  So snug.

If you go inside and want to get it off your head without losing it, you can just pull it down.  It will be mistaken for a pretty little cowl.

I stacked two buttons because the one that matched the headband was too small for the loop, and the one that fit the loop was so much the wrong colour.  Another one of those very happy accidents that life sometimes hands you.

The sides of the headband are made up of angled stitches.

So pretty!  Also: confusing to the knitter who is counting rows.  I used a safety pin to keep track of where I was.

I made this headband over two choppy evenings but I'm pretty sure you could do it in one, if you weren't interrupted by phone calls or needing to wash up a lot of pots after supper.

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