Thursday, December 8, 2011

Technical difficulties, finished objects

Owing to the walking issues that have me back at the chiropractor's office two or three times a week (am I the only one who thinks I'm a few decades too young for this?) I'm getting in lots of surprise bonuses these days.

Such as:

knitting time while waiting in the waiting room, then waiting in the treatment room

knitting accountability because I am just competitive enough to want to have a different answer for my chiropractor every time, when he asks what I'm making

knitting support for repetitive stress injury.

It's so great to have a chiropractor for a neighbour who is also a friend, because it makes him totally biased about the whole disfunctional leg/arm thing: I bake my mum's famous chocolate chip meringues for his family every Christmas and he knows if I can't stand for two hours and/or use my right arm I'm not gonna be able to deliver this year.

You probably have to have one to appreciate how horrific this would be, but try to take my word for it.  Or just whip up a batch because the recipe is at the link.

Amazingly it's not speed knitting that has put my right arm out of commission, but cookie baking for a fundraising bake sale.  I used one of those cookie dough scoopy-squeezy tools that ensure all the cookies you bake are the same size, and after a day of making about 20 dozen cookies that involved three or four squeezy motions each I could barely move my arm around at all.  So it's lucky I have these constant appointments, yes?

Best of all, my chiropractor's sister-in-law is a knitter, so he doesn't even bother suggesting I take a break from my needles to let my arm heal already.

Which is how I finished the guy hat I want to keep:

I mean honestly, could you give this away?  (yes, if you knit yourself another as soon as possible, which I did, and will show you if we get a break in the rain long enough for pictures.)

I love the squares on top.

I also finished the Candle Flame Cowl...

... which is surprisingly hard to photograph when knit in dark purple, but at least you get an idea how long it is and how it doesn't gape or sag, qualities I value highly in a neckwarmer, what with living in a cold place in winter and all.  I pulled it down a bit for the picture but it is nothing short of adorable how the scalloped border hugs the cold edges of one's exposed jawline when allowed to do so.

This is better, yes?  It's very pretty and I can see how it would be a good gift for more people in spite of the current trend for hugely oversized cowls that either expose your neck entirely or brace it like there's been a terrible ski accident in your vicinity.  So: I'm going to knit another.

But not yet! because there are more urgent Christmas knits, so urgent I can't even stop to tell you about them today.  Meanwhile: knit well, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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