Thursday, December 22, 2011

The tenth day of knitting

First things first, so you can choose not to read my tale of woe:

Let's think pins and hair clips, shall we?  Quick knits that really are quick, taking well under the four (or six, depending on how much ripping out is involved) hours required by, say, improvised coffee cuffs.

Of course the first that springs to mind is Ysolda Teague's hoot! pin, for the animal and/or Harry Potter lovers among your set.

But I also like Kittipin by Diane Trap.  In fact it's just now occurring to me that if I have a spare hour today or tomorrow I should make one for a little girl down the street who has not one but two cats, one of whom lets her cart it around like a stuffed animal.  (a very much loved and protected-from-pain stuffed animal.)  It's quite adorable to see.

Tale of woe

I could not find the third colour I wanted for the coffee cuff I was making yesterday and lost an hour or more to ripping out and reknitting when even the second colour proved to be horribly wrong.  GAH.  Then, while blanket-stitching the edge of a handwarmer cut from a felted wool sweater, I realized the cut edge was not finishing properly at all and looked so terribly it would never be worn, ever.  This about 11 hours, several of them destined to be spent in sleep, before they were to be given.

Happy ending

That thing I have about buying way too many zip- and drawstring-bags at tinyhappy meant I had an extra one I'd been saving, and could use in place of the Very Bad Handwarmers.  WHEW.

and now to knit another pair of slippers.  and wrap.  and sew something for mum, and oh I hope, bake cookies for the neighbourhood.  See you tomorrow!

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