Friday, December 16, 2011

The fourth day of knitting

You've seen today's quick-knit Christmas Chaos suggestion before:

Yep, I'm knitting another Candle Flame Cowl, by Julia Allen. 

(this one is a free Ravelry download, which means there's no other way to get it but from there.  I'll try not to include these potentially less-accessible patterns for the rest of the 12 days but honestly: it's just such a great project, I couldn't leave it out.)

The purpose of the poorly-lit photograph above is to illustrate what it looked like at bedtime of the day I cast it on over a lunch break.  I got it up into the pattern repeat so I could move forward on autopilot, then put it away till I got on the bus.  I got it out again for a meeting in the evening, where I made a few mistakes when things got interesting, and had to rip back.  Then I sat down in front of the TV for a documentary on Beethoven's final years and knit some more.

All told: a little over 3 hours of knitting time, and I'm half a repeat plus a border away from completion.  Not bad for a gorgeous handknit gift in wool and mohair!

Of course this assumes that the tiny amount of yarn left from my stash is going to get me through the half repeat (it won't.  I'll have to bind off early and hope there's enough for that much.  think I can do the remains in hot pink?  no?)

Look for me here again tomorrow and Sunday - I did promise 12 days of Christmas Knitting patterns, you know.  And also you'll get to find out early whether I was able to finish this cowl or not.  What a bargain!

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