Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One for you, two for me

I feel like I'm doling out candy in an uneven me-centric way but... yeah.  I'm knitting for myself again!

Oh, I couldn't stand it. I finished off some Christmas knits and blocked them and found myself with a ten-second window of indecision what to cast on next.  You know that's always doom. 

The thing is: that hat I was knitting as a gift may or may not look good on the guy it's meant for, but it looks super awesomely slouchy on me.  Also: the fabric of it is amaaaazing.  (You should get some of this stuff if you can afford $20 for a pretty generous skein - it's Toots LeBlanc's Jacob/Alpaca DK yarn.  I suspect I'll be buying more myself.)

Yes, the spin is a little uneven in places and yes, I am picking out hay as I go.  I never mind that anyway but especially not here because my goodness, the fabric.  It's not just soft, it's buttery in a way you don't mind putting on your head.  And warm? wowza.  I used this same stuff at the same gauge for my Eloquence mitts and gloves but in a hat it's a revelation.

So you can see how I had to have one for myself if I was going to be able to give away the first one.

This time instead of striping with the same yarn, because I'm hoping to squeeze another hat out of my reserves, I'm striping with the silk/wool blend that matches my problematic blue-grey coat.  No mean feat when you figure the base yarn I'm using is a very dark brown, but it's looking pretty fabulous in person.

(Not that you can tell from this picture because it's been so dark outside since I started and the flash insisted on going off every time I took a picture.)

I will admit the silk insertions are not as satisfying as the original with its consistent flow of wool and alpaca, but it will match my coat and I will try to focus on that.  And I'm going to finish it and get it out of my system today because I just have to get back to the gift knitting, and also because the weather is freezing again.  Brrr!

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Trish said...

That is going to look amazing with your coat!